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Livigile Treaty 1889

ARTICLE I. The Chief binds himself to be the faithful vassal of His Majesty the King of Portugal, and to obey his Government and officials.

Art. II. As a sign of submission and vassalage he will receive the national flag which he will hoist at his residence

Art. III. He will lend all assistance in his power to Portuguese travelling through his country, or who may be under his ptrotection.

Art. IV. Portuguese and foreign commerce is to be freely allowed in his territory.

Art. V. He also binds himself never to declare war against another tribe without the approval of the Portugeuse Government.

The Portuguese Government, on their part, bind themselves (1) to defend and protect the Chief and his people; (2) to facilitate the annual entry of three minors, belonging to the Chief, into the School of Arts and Trades at Mozambique; and (3) to punish other Chiefs who wage war against him without just cause.

Note.—None of the Treaties define the limits of the Chief's territory. The terrotory of Chief Checapoto is situated on Livigile Hill.