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Anglo Makololo Chilomo treaty 1889

Treaty made at Chilomo (Ruo), September 26, 1889, with Liwewe and Chitawonga, Sons of the late Chiputula.

Treaty made at Chilomo (Ruo), in the Makololo country, on the River Shiré, this 26th day of September, in the year 1889, between John Buchanan, Esq., Her Majesty's Acting Consul for Nyassa, for and on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India, &c., her heirs and successors, on the one part, and the undersigned Makololo Chiefs, for their heirs and successors, on the other part.

WE, the undersigned Makololo Chiefs (sons of the late Chiputula), do, in the presence of Headmen and people assembled at this place, hereby promise:—

1. That there shall be peace between the subjects of the Queen of England and our subjects.

2. That British subjects shall have free access to all parts of our territory (country), and shall have the right to build houses and possess property according to the laws in force in this country ; that they shall have full liberty to carry on such trade or manufacture as may be approved by Her Majesty ; and should any difference arise between the aforesaid British subjects and us, the said Makololo Chiefs, as to the duties or customs to be paid to us, the said Makololo Chiefs, or the Headmen of the towns in our country, by such British subjects, or as to any other matter, that the dispute shall be referred to a duly authorized Representative of Her Majesty, whose decision in the matter shall be binding and final.

3. That we, the said Makololo Chiefs, will at no time whatever cede any of our territory to any other Power, or enter into an Agreement, Treaty, or arrangement with any foreign Government except through and with the consent of the Government of Her Majesty the Queen of England, &c.

Done at Chilomo this 26th day of September, 1889.

(Signed) LIWEWE (Son of Chiputula). CHITAWONGA (Son of Chiputula). JOHN BUCHANAN, Her Majesty's Acting Consul for Nyassa.

Signed in the presence of—

(Signed) ANDREW BAIRD, Engineer. MTATIKA, Consular Servant.

I, the Undersigned, do swear that I have truly and honestly interpreted the terms of the foregoing Agreement to the Contracting Parties in the Chinyanja language.


Witness to signatures: