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Lobengula treaty 1888

Colonial Office to Foreign Office.—(Received June 1.) (Extract.) Downing Street, May 31, 1888.

I AM to inclose the Treaty with Lo Bengula, as published in the Cape Government Gazette.

Inclosure in No. 39. The Cape of Good Hope Government Gazette Extraordinary of April 25, 1888. High Commissioner's Notice.

BY direction of his Excellency the High Commissioner, the following Agreement, which has been concluded with Lo Bengula, Ruler of the Amandebele and of the Mashonas and Makakalaka, is published for general information.

(Signed) GRAHAM BOWER, Imperial Secretary. Government House, Cape Town, April 25, 1888. Agreement,

The Chief Lo Bengula, Ruler of the tribe known as the Amandebele, together with the Mashona and Makakalaka, tributaries of the same, hereby agrees to the following Articles and conditions;—

That peace and amity shall continue for ever between Her Britannic Majesty, her subjects, and the Amandebele people; and the Contracting Chief Lo Bengula engages to use his utmost endeavours to prevent any rupture of the same, to cause the strict observance of this Treaty, and so to carry out the spirit of the Treaty of Friendship which was entered into by bis late father the Chief Umsilagaas with the then Governor of the Cape of Good Hope in the year of our Lord 1836.

It is hereby further agreed by Lo Bengula, Chief in and over the Amandebele country with its dependencies as aforasaid, on behalf of himself and people, that he will refrain from entering into any correspondence or Treaty with any foreign State or Power to sell, alienate, or cede, or permit or countenance any sale, alienation, or cession of the whole or any part of the said Amandebele country under his Chieftainship, or upon any other subject, without the previous knowledge and sanction of Her Majesty's High Commissioner for South Africa.

In faith of which I, Lo Bengula, on my part, have hereunto set my hand at Gubuluwayo, Amandebeleland, this 11th day of February, and of Her Majesty’s reign the fifty-first.

(Signed) LO BENGULA, his X mark. "Witnesses: (Elephant Seal.) (Signed) W. GRAHAM. G. B. VAN WYK.
Before me, (Signed) J. S. MOFFAT, Assistant Commissioner.
February 11, 1888.

Approved and ratified by me, as Her Majesty’s High Commissioner for South Africa, this 25th day of April, 1888.

(Signed) HERCULES ROBINSON, Government Houses Cape Town. High Commissioner.