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Germany Portugal Treaty 1886


THE Government of His Majesty the King of Portugal and the Algarves, and the Government of His Majesty the German Emperor, animated by the same desire to draw more closely the existing friendly relations between Portugal and Germany, and to gain a firm and secure basis for peaceful co-operation in the opening out of Africa to civilization and commerce, have resolved to establish certain boundaries, within which each of the two Powers shall keep their freedom of action for their colonizing activity.

For this purpose the Undersigned, Henrique de Barros Gomes, State Councillor of His Most Faithful Majesiy, and his Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and Councillor Richard von Schmidthals, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of His Majesty the Emperor, have, in accordance with their full powers, agreed upon the following Articles;—


The boundary-line which shall separate the Portuguese and German possessions in South-West Africa follows the course of the River Kunene. from its mouth to the waterfalls which are formed to the south of Humbe by the Kunene breaking through the Serra Canna. From this point the line runs along the parallel of latitude to the Kubango, then along the course of that stream to the village of Andara, which is to remain in the German sphere of influence, and from thence due east to the rapids of Catima, on the Zambesi.


The boundary-line winch shall separate the Portuguese from the German possessions in South-East Africa follows the course of the River Rovuma from its mouth to the point where the Biver M’sinje joins the Bovoma and mns to the westward on the pallet of latitude to the shores of Lake Nyassa.


The Government of His Majesty the German Emperor recognize the right of His Majesty the King of Portugal to those territories which lie between the Portuguese possessions of Angola and Mozambique, without prejudice of any rights other Powers may have previously acquired of exercising their sovereign and civilizing influence, and bind themselves in consequence of this recognition not to make any acquisitions of territory, nor accept any Protectorates within these provinces, nor to oppose the extension of Portuguese influence.

The Government of His Majesty the King of Portugal and the Algarves undertake the same obligation with regard to the territories given over to the German sphere of influence by Articles I and II of this Agreement.


Portuguese subjects in the German possessions of Africa, and subjects of the German Empire in the Portuguese possessions, shall enjoy the same rights and treatment, with regard to the protection of their persons and property, with regard to the acquisition and transfer of personal and real property, and with regard to the exercise of their trade, as the subjects of the State which exercises the sovereign or protecting rights.


The Portuguese and Imperial Governments reserve the right of concluding further Agreements to facilitate commerce and navigation, as well as to regulate the frontier traffic in the African possessions on both sides.



This Agreement will come into force and become binding for both Powers as soon as it is agreed to by the Portuguese Cortes, and published in the official prints of both countnes.

Done in duplicate at Lisbon on the 30th December, 1886.