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Sierra Leone Treaty of 1819


Agreement for Mar Porto & Ro Bompe-renamed called Waterloo & Hastings, Sierra Leone Convention between His Excellency Lieut. Colonel Charles MacCarthy, Captain General and Governor Chief in and over the Colony of Sierra Leone and its Dependencies Vice Admiral of the same &c. &c. and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Forces on the West Coast of Africa on the part of His Majesty the King of Great Britain and Ireland, and Pa Loudon commonly known by the name and style of Ka Conko, and his Chieftains, Headmen &c. &c. &c.

His Excellency the Captain General and Governor in Chief being anxious to maintain the happy union and harmony which have for several years past subsisted between the Colony of Sierra Leone and the Timmanies, wishing to strengthen and renew the former Treaties made by his Predecessors with the King and Chieftains, to prevent all misunderstanding which might arise from misconception as to the proper limits and boundaries of the Colony, the rights and titles of British subjects under the Authority of the Governor and Council hereafter to former Establishments on such parts of the left bank of the Bunch River as are at present unoccupied by British Subjects, and Pa Loudon commonly called Ka Conko and his Chieftains, Headmen and Gentlemen, being animated with the same sentiment, have for the benefit of all parties concerned agreed as follows

The said Pa Loudon Commonly called Ka Conko his Chieftains, Headmen and Gentlemen have for themselves and their Successors, ceded, transferred, and given to his said Excellency Governor McCarthy as Governor for the time being, for the use and on the behalf of His Majesty, the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and his successors, the full, entire, free, and unlimited possession and Sovereignly of the Territory and lands commonly known under the name Mar Porto and Ro Bompe situated on the Banks of the Bunch River and extends from, to, with all right and title to the Navigation of the same River; water on the Riverlet situated on the left side of the aforesaid.

The extent and limits of the aforementioned Lands of Mar Porto and Ro Bumpe shall be duly established in the presence and with the consent of Pa Loudon commonly called Ka Conko or a Person or Persons duly authorized by him to that affect and no alterations in said limits shall hereafter under any pretence or plea be permitted under the authority or Sanction of His said Excellency the Governor or his Successor without ihe concurrences of the said Pa Loudon or his Successor, it being fully understood that within the extent of those limits only British subjects shall have right to occupy lands in the district.

In consideration of which transfer of Land, His said Excellency the Captain General and Governor in Chief for himself and Successors as the Governor of Sierra Leone for the time being, on the part and on the behalf of His Britannic Majesty engages, promises and agrees to pay yearly and every year to the said Pa Loudon commonly called Ka Conko, or to such person as may succeed him or be appointed or authorized to receive the same, the Sum of Fifty Bars in lieu of all other claims or demands of whatever nature or description/the yearly Rent of a hundred Bars to Kin Farima excepted which shall continue as here- to-for/And His Excellency solemnly promises for himself and his successors for the time being on the part of His Britannic Majesty, not to disturb or molest any of the native Inhabitants who may now occupy any Town, House or Fait, whither the extent of the limits of the place aforementioned.

It is further agreed by the contracting parties that the Year Rent of Fifty Bars shall become due and payable on the fourth day of June in each year, the same to commence from the fourth of June next and payable on the same day of the year One-Thousand Eight hundred and Twenty, and to consist of the following articles which are to be taken at rate here agreed upon, and not liable to any alteration.

Lastly in fault of due on regular payment of the yearly Rent above agreed upon, the present Treaty shall be considered as null and void.

In Witness whereof the said Contracting parties at Freetown in the Colony of Sierra Leone on the Twenty-Fifth day of May One-thousand eight hundred and nineteen, have hereunto set their hand and seals in presence of the subscribing Witnesses.

Lt C. MacCarthy "Pa Loudon + Konko" "Pa Naingbanna" "Moimadoo Bandio" "Pa Kattena"